Carne picada de Angus IbéricoCarne picada de Angus Ibérico

Iberian Angus Minced Meat

The Iberian Angus minced meat is composed of lean meat and fat from our animals. It is the same minced meat that is used to make our hamburgers. A multitude of traditional recipes can be prepared with Iberian Angus minced meat.

Lomo abierto de Angus Ibérico

Iberian Angus Open Loin

The open loin of Iberian Angus is made from the loin of the loin. It is a cut similar to that made from the lower loin to make entrecôte, but it comes from the marbling.

Iberian Angus Burger

The 100% beef Iberian Angus hamburgers are naturally prepared without preservatives or additives. When cooking them, do not add oil to the frying pan or griddle, the fat they contain will melt and form a caramelised layer, which will make them a crunchy and tasty snack.

LingotesLingote de Angus Ibérico

Iberian Angus Lingots

The Iberian Angus lingots are made from different parts of the animal’s leg. The hip, flank and stifle are cut and prepared for the production of these ingots. This cut is ideal for the preparation of a tataki or steak tartar and to obtain a maximum use and with hardly any waste.