Iberian Wagyu Shoulder

The Iberian Wagyu Shoulder comes from animals with at least 50% certified Wagyu genetics. Raised in freedom, our animals are fattened with natural feed, free of animal fats and ureas.

Our popsicles are selected to guarantee a great flavor and juiciness.

The curing process is carried out in drying rooms and natural cellars, in the traditional style of the Extremadura slaughter. In the same way that our Iberian Wagyu Ham is cured, the shoulders are salted for a few days before drying. They are spread in their own fat, so it does not contain fats or external stabilizers.

Complete your order with our special cutting board for Sagra brand Iberian Wagyu shoulders.



Front shoulder of beef (Iberian Wagyu), salt and Iberian Wagyu fat. GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE AND WITHOUT MILK PROTEINS.

Nutritional values:


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9-12 kg, 12-16 kg, 16-20 kg

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