Salt and Seasoning Set

14,99 IVA incluido

The Iberian Wagyu Salt and Seasoning Set has been created to bring new nuances and flavours to complement the quality of our meats. This set contains Black Salt Flakes, Viking Smoked Salt and a special seasoning of Iberian Wagyu Rub made especially to combine perfectly with the flavour of our products.



The Salt and Seasoning Set contains 3 jars of:

  • Black salt flakes: It comes from the region of Larnaca. Its crunchy flakes of intense black colour and unique flavour are ideal for seasoning our meats.
    Ingredients: Black salt from Larnaca (Cyprus).
    Allergens: Does not contain.
    Weight: 35 g.
  • Viking Smoked Salt: Norwegian salt with an intense smoked flavour and a spicy touch, a different and special combination.
    Ingredients: Smoked salt, turmeric, coriander and cumin.
    Allergens: Does not contain.
    Weight: 45 g.
  • Rub Iberian Wagyu: Seasoning with a mixture of Salt Flower, aromatic herbs and nutmeg, combined with Madagascar Sugar, with which we get a caramel flavour.
    Ingredients: Salt Flower, aromatic herbs, nutmeg and Madagascar Sugar.
    Allergens: Does not contain.
    Weight: 35 g.