Iberian Wagyu promotional package

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The Iberico Wagyu promotional package is a unique opportunity to taste different cuts of this meat at a special price. Ideal for a tasting with your friends or family of the best Iberian Wagyu products.

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Includes: 1 Iberian Wagyu entrecote (300-490g), 1 Iberian Wagyu Steak (500-690g), 1 package of croquettes (12 units), Iberian Wagyu Burgers (4uds / 150g), Iberian Wagyu Ingots

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Shelf life: Up to 2 years from preparation

Preparation and conservation: Store at a temperature between -18 and -20ºC. For consumption, it is recommended to thaw progressively in a refrigerator. Check that the product is well thawed before its preparation.