Iberian Wagyu Ham

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The Iberian Wagyu Leg is a cured product, made in an artisanal way, in the style of the traditional Extremaduran slaughter, exclusively with meat from certified animals such as Iberian Wagyu, without mixtures of meats or fats from other animals.

Ingredients: Cutting the beef leg (Iberian Wagyu), salt, sugars, antioxidants: E-301 E-331 and preservative: E-250 E-252 WITHOUT GLUTEN, WITHOUT LACTOSE AND WITHOUT MILK PROTEINS.

Elaboration process: The Iberian Wagyu leg is subjected to a salting process with unrefined sea salt and then to a drying process with controlled temperature and humidity to finish with a drying in the cellar that gives it the final touch to achieve the organoleptic conditions. So special that the product has, in keeping with the ham tradition in the production of Iberian pork ham from our Extremadura region. The production process lasts a minimum of 2 and a half years.

Weights: 100 g

Nutritional values:


Shelf life: 180 days from the date of production.

Preparation and conservation: Once opened, keep cold and consume as soon as possible.

Animal part: