Iberian Wagyu Sausages

The Iberian Wagyu Sausages are made with our minced meat marinated with spices that give it a unique flavor. Roasted, stewed or grilled, it is an exceptional product that should not be missing in your barbecues and events.


Ingredients: Wagyu minced. SCMIX: LF-872 M 6% cereals (salt, starch: potato, corn, dextrose, spices, antioxidants: sodium citrate E-331 and sodium ascorbate E-301, preservatives: sodium sulfite E-221 and potassium metabisulfite E-224, colorants: cochineal carmine E-120. Garlic. CERESAN-291: cereals (rice and corn)

550 grams


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Shelf life: Up to 2 years from its preparation.

Preparation and conservation: Store at a temperature between -18 and -20ºC. For consumption, it is recommended to thaw progressively in a refrigerator. Check that the product is well thawed before its preparation.

Animal part: