Iberian Wagyu Tomahawk


Our tomahawk is made from the first five ribs of the animal. The name of this cut comes from its striking format, reminiscent of the traditional American ax. It is an exceptional cut to cook on the grill or barbecue. It’s a great piece to share; if you are a meat lover, this is your ideal cut.

Ingredients:  First five ribs of the Wagyu

Weight: 1-1,490 kg

Allergens: Allergen free

Shelf life: Up to 2 years from preparation

Preparation and conservation: Store at a temperature between -18 and -20ºC. For consumption, it is recommended to thaw progressively in a refrigerator. Check that the product is well thawed before its preparation.

Animal part:

Tomahawk de Wagyu

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1-1,5 kg, 1,5-2 kg